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lvysa 10.06.2021

Magisterské studium


lvysa 08.07.2021

Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Annotation: This subject focuses on educating students in biomedical research and biotechnologies. It teaches the basis of scientific work, introduction to methodology in biomedicine up to the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics. Lectures and seminars will contain the insight into modern tools such as transgenic biology or global technologies such as OMICs.

Students are encouraged to read education material ahead of the seminar. Last lecture will include introductory visit of our department in BIOCEV.

Summer Term (ACADEMIC YEAR 2020/2021)

Lectures will be broadcasted online via Microsoft Teams (or in BIOCEV / Institute of Anatomy based on actual pandemic situation). Further information will be sent to all enrolled students by email prior to the first lecture. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lucie Vyšatová (lucie.vysatova@lf1.cuni.cz)

Lecture 1: 4.3. 2021 - 4PM - online - MS Teams

Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Stopka, Ph.D.

Title: CELL BIOLOGY : Stem cell biology versus proliferation and differentiation control

Regulatory mechanisms in normal cell differentiation including transcription factors and their effector pathways. Biology of stem cells and tissue transplantation. Regulation of cell cycle and its detection.

Study material: [PDF1][PDF2][PDF3][PDF4][PDF5][PDF6]

Lecture 2: 18.3. 2021 - 4PM - online MS Teams 

Prof. MUDr. Karel Smetana, DrSc.

Title: CELL BIOLOGY : Tumor ecosystem - Role of cancer microenvironment in the control of tumor biology including metastazation. Cancer-associated fibroblasts. 

Study material: [PDF1] [PDF2] [PDF3]

Lecture 3: 8.4. 2021 - 4PM - online MS Teams 

MUDr. Ondřej Havránek, PhD

Title: GENETICS : Cancer genomes and genome editing technology
Cancer associated acquired DNA mutations and their role in tumor development, progression, and therapy resistance. Consequences for interaction of tumor cells with immune system. Use of genome modifying technologies to create models for cancer research and options for therapy.

Study material: [PDF1][PDF2][PDF3][PDF4][PDF5][PDF6][PDF7][PDF8][PDF9][PDF10]

Lecture 4: 15.4. 2021 - 4 PM - online MS Teams

Ing. Ľubica Ďuďáková, Ph.D.

Title: Molecular techniques and methods for mutation detection and screening of human diseases - In the past decade, sequencing technology has evolved rapidly with the advent of high-throughput next generation sequencing. By adopting and leveraging next generation sequencing, clinical laboratories are now performing an ever increasing catalogue of genetic testing that has been accompanied by new challenges in sequence interpretation. This lecture is focused on how to interpret sequence variants and to ascertain the clinical significance using criteria of ACMG (American College of Medical Genetics) standards. 

Study material: [PDF1] [PDF2] [PDF3]

Lecture 5: 29.4. 2021 - 4PM - online MS Teams

Assoc.Prof. RNDr. Jiří Petrák, Ph.D.


Using efficient separation methods and high-resolution mass spectrometry PROTEOMICS enables monitoring of quantitative and qualitative changes of thousands of proteins in biological samples. Detailed knowledge of proteome changes in cells and tissues can elucidate molecular mechanisms of physiologic and pathologic processes, and identify disease markers or novel therapeutic targets.

Study material: [PDF1][PDF2]

Lecture 6: 13.5. 2021 - 4PM -online MS Teams

Mgr. Peter Dráber, PhD

Title: The role of cell death in tissue homeostasis and autoimmune disorders
Cell death is necessary for removal of damaged cells and tissue renewal. However, aberrant cell death can lead to severe autoimmune disorders. The molecular pathways triggering cell death in physiological settings and pathological conditions will be discussed.

Study material: [PDF1][PDF2][PDF3]

Lecture 7: 27.5. 2021 - 4PM - online MS Teams

Mgr. Miroslav Hons, PhD

Title: Leukocyte migration and immunology

Migration of leukocytes in healthy and pathological states. Imaging of leukocyte behaviour and interactions. Cell biology of leukocyte motility.

Study material: [PDF1][PDF2][PDF3]

Optional lecture in BIOCEV, 1.LF UK:

RNDr. Kristýna Pimková, Ph.D. - Title: "The role of protein redox signalling in cellular metabolic adaptation during leukemogenesis" 

When: Thursday, June 3rd 2021 10:00 AM

Where: BIOCEV, Průmyslová 595, Vestec Conference Hall - U2.012