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lvysa 20.03.2018

Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Annotation: This subject focuses on educating students in biomedical research and biotechnologies. It teaches the basis of scientific work, introduction to methodology in biomedicine up to the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics. Lectures and seminars will contain the insight into modern tools such as transgenic biology or global technologies such as OMICs.

Lectures will be held at Institute of Pathological Physiology, PATFS1 (seminary room 2009)
Time: 14:15 – 16:15hod

Lecture 1: 1.3.2018
Speaker: Prof. Tomáš STOPKA MD, PhD
Title: CELL BIOLOGY I: Stem cell biology versus proliferation and differentiation control.
Regulatory mechanisms in normal cell differentiation including transcription factors and their effector pathways. Biology of stem cells and tissue transplantation. Regulation of cell cycle and its detection.

Lecture 2: 15.3.2018
Speaker 2: Prof. MUDr. Karel Smetana, DrSc.
Title: CELL BIOLOGY II: Tumor ecosystem
Role of cancer microenvironment in the control of tumor biology including metastazation
Cancer-associated fibroblasts

29.3.2018 - Děkanský den

Lecture 3: 12.4.2018
Speaker: MUDr. Ondřej Havránek, PhD
Title: GENETICS: Cancer genomes and genome editing technology.
Cancer associated acquired DNA mutations and their role in tumor development, progression, and therapy resistance. Consequences for interaction of tumor cells with immune system. Use of genome modifying technologies to create models for cancer research and options for therapy.Speaker: Mgr. Viktor Stránecký, PhD.

Lecture 4: 26.4.2018
Speaker: Assoc.Prof. RNDr. Jiří Petrák, PhD

Lecture 5: 10.5.2018
Speaker: Doc. Ing. Petr Kačer, PhD

Lecture 6: 24.5.2018
Speaker: Prof. RNDr. Vladimír Král, DSc.
Title: MEDICIAL CHEMISTRY II -From epigenetic biomarkers to epigenetic drugs. Lecture will cover mechanisms of epigenetic control for neurodegenerative , onco and metabolic diseases. Development of drugs targeting epigenetic mechanism will be presented in details, including bioanalytical methods

BIOCEV visit : 31.5.2018